Preparation & Presentation

SmartVision presents a comprehensive training workshop on radio and TV production, preparation and presentation.

Through this workshop you will :-

    • learn how to plan and execute radio and TV programs.
    • learn the different types of radio and TV programs, different templates, and different writing styles.
    • learn how to develop and use news and sources.
    • learn how to present in radio and TV, and how to direct different types of programs.
    • learn how to use the production team to your advantage.

The skills taught in this workshop include :-

  • preparation and production of radio programs.
  • preparation and production of TV programs.
  • directing of radio programs.
  • directing of TV programs.
  • how to develop a working team for your program.

Specific learning objectives :-

  • essentials of radio and TV program planning.
  • stages of radio and TV program preparation and production.
  • types and templates of radio and TV programs.
  • writing styles and techniques for different program types.
  • how to present/anchor and how to choose a presenter or an anchor to your program.
  • ethics of radio and tv anchoring.
  • essentials of radio and TV program directing.
  • how to be an efficient team player in media production.