Smart Vision presents a comprehensive training workshop on the art of editing through the latest technology on Final Cut Studio. Through this workshop you will :-

  1. learn the essentials of TV editing.
  2. learn the stages through which TV editing goes through.
  3. learn the different types of editing (news vs programs vs drama..etc).
  4. learn linear editing, its charcteristics and types.
  5. learn how to be a team player and how to quality control your tasks.

In this workshop we will teach you :-

  1. How to be a TV editor and what tools to use.
  2. the specific roles of the TV editor and how to excel at it.
  3. the essentials of TV editing.
  4. practical issues on TV editing.
  5. the difference between linear editing and other types of editing.
  6. the relationship between editing, directing and video/photography.
  7. how to plan your editing task with efficiency.
  8. how to use the latest technology tools in editing.
  9. how to use sound effects.