Acting Workshop

workshop main contents :-

  • training on acting professionalism
  • training on the basics of acting.
  • training on anchoring.
  • training on different acting methods.
  • training on body and voice presentation.
  • Learning how to deal with different cting roles.
  • Learning how to process the screenplay.

The course also helps trainees to gain performance skills, and learn how to express themselvess with different voice layers. We will also train you on public speech.

The workshop also provides the A-Z of breaking into the film and television industry. In addition, on-camera training in acting, audition techniques and industry knowledge is also provided. We will help you learn how to express yourself in your role, how to convey certain emotions through body and voice, and how to interact with other actors/actresses in a leading or support roles. The course provides classes as well practical trainings to help you gain confidence in acting.